Kelpie Handmade Gifts

Kelpie Handmade Gifts

David Belton is our resident craft artisan who started to work with driftwood and crystal inlays during the winter of 2011. David has honed his skills and now works with a far wider range of materials including driftwood, reclaimed whisky and wine casks, storm wood from Scottish woodlands, crystals, sea glass and natural stone.

The majority of driftwood comes from the west coast of Scotland where David has his workshop close to the river Clyde in Helensburgh. 

The inspiration for the business name originated from the crest of the waves breaking on the shoreline. In Scotland we call these the Kelpies which are imagined to be mythical sea creatures and it's the Kelpies that help to wash the driftwood onto the beach. 

With the use of so many natural materials it's easy to see why each gift is going to be unique. Even when David is asked to produce a "true pair" they will never be truly identical.

David is a member of the Helensburgh and Lomond Artisan Association and attends many craft markets. These craft markets have proved a great success with many customers returning to buy more hand crafted gifts. Customers can also request special items in the form of commissions. These range from having a house sign made to your own requirement through to a bespoke gift for an anniversary or as wedding favour.

So if you value knowing that you have purchased a one of a kind present, take a look at our Kelpie Handmade Gifts shop and be inspired!